Our Company

EMAS SRI PINANG Retail Jewelry brand was established in 1981.


EMAS SRI PINANG operates through its partners in each retail Showroom. The partners own and operate each Showroom by offering world class customer service and elegant gold jewelry that has lifetime value.


There are currently two retail Showrooms in Klang Valley operated by the partners. These are located at Semua House, Kuala Lumpur and Complex Metropoint,(Kajang).


A specialist in gold jewellery, EMAS SRI PINANG retails evergreen traditional Malay designs favoured by many, and trendy modern designs to meet the ever changing preferences of its customers. EMAS SRI PINANG also offers diamond and gemstone encrusted jewellery and has a wide selection of “Belah Rotan”, Zircon and Suasa rings.


With great craftsmanship and a variety of designs at affordable prices, EMAS SRI PINANG today is a leader in gold, diamond and gemstone jewelry in Malaysia.



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