Craft your own story with 5 unique themed designes: Asmara (Love), Warisan (Heritage), Kenangan (Memories), Gaya (Style) and Alam (Nature).


Exchange your Cherita design for free, subject to the terms & conditions below :
• Exchange any product purchased including bracelet for free. (within a period of 30 days)
• For customer with purchased of Cherita 4+1 package charm bracelet

  • Only one (1) exchange of Cherita charm is allowed per package purchased.
  • Free exchange of one (1) Cherita charm is allowed within a duration of 5 months from the date of purchase.
  • All exchanges are based on the same gold weight.
  • Additional workmanship charges apply for new Cherita charms.

Tell your own story in Gold with Cherita.
Cherita-specially created by skilled Malaysian gold craftsmen.
Link your unique Cherita charms to create a design that is uniquely you.




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