Why Invest in Gold



Gold, compared to all other precious metals is the most favoured and popular form of investment today. In many countries and cultures, gold is accepted and often used as a mode of payment and has an equivalent value to cash. Gold also plays an important part in gift giving especially during births, marriages and festivals.




3 Reasons Why You should Invest in Gold

1.Gold is like money!Gold has been used as money for more than 5000 years. Even until today, Gold’s value is recognized by all governments and economies such as that it can be easily converted to local currency during good and bad economic times in any part of the world.

2.Gold as an investment – as a fact, gold price has increased by more than 400% in last 20 years!.

3.Gold demand globally is growing quickly led by income growth in asia and middle east leading to more demand for gold jewelry. However, gold supply from new gold mines has been limited.


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